After some Creative Drama in the gym,

groups of four students

used iMovie on our iPads

to create their own Super Hero trailers

1 Jasper Walker Carter 2 Emily Robyn 3 Adam Ross 4 Maren Breanne Peyton 5 James Cydney Owen Cyrus 6 Kennedy Taylor

The project took

a lot of creative drama,

a lot of cooperation


it was a LOT of fun!

7 Walker Carter Jasper 8 Taylor Kennedy Sophia Madyson 9 Lisa Robyn Shamus Emily 9a Breanne Clarissa Peyton Maren 9b Alexander Leo Ross Adam 9c Cydney Cyrus James Owen 9d Carter Walker Jasper

 We even went outside for some action shots

and then decided to work at the big rocks too

iMovies outside 4

iMovies outside 1 iMovies outside 3  iMovies outside 5 iMovies outside 7 iMovies outside 8iMovies outside 9