We had a terrific day

that included dramatic play, costumes, toys,

pictures from home and the internet

to supply images and videos for creative stories.

The students brainstormed creative games they like to play as possible topics for their own books.  They found other students within the class with similar interests and created cooperative teams for our projects.

They spent several days planning their stories.  This involved a lot of discussion, using a story map to outline the plot of the story, creating a STORYBOARD for their project and making plans of what they needed from home for our creative day.  They encouraged other teams by offering toys, props and even pictures of family pets that were shared through their ownCloud accounts with each other.

They were then all set to begin.  With the help of several parent helpers, the children were free to use various places around the school as settings for their videos and photos.  As you can imagine, there was a lot of talk on the flow of the story as they gathered their images.  This gave them a lot of language to use as they began to write their creative eBooks.

Take a look below at snapshots of the day…

BookCreator 017 BookCreator 016 BookCreator 013 BookCreator 012 BookCreator 011 BookCreator 010 BookCreator 009 BookCreator 008 BookCreator 007 BookCreator 006 BookCreator 005 BookCreator 004 BookCreator 003 BookCreator 002 BookCreator 014BookCreator 029 BookCreator 028 BookCreator 027 BookCreator 026 BookCreator 025 BookCreator 024 BookCreator 023 BookCreator 022 BookCreator 021 BookCreator 020 BookCreator 019 BookCreator 018BookCreator 015