At Alex Aitken, we work as a collaborative, school wide team to integrate technology across the curriculum.  Our PAC has recently helped us purchase a whole new lab of laptop computers.  They also helped us buy 15 iPods, 4 SmartBoards and projectors for each classroom.   This technology allows students to explore a variety of highly visual, interactive and creative means of expression.

For the past couple of years, our class, along with many others in our school, have been using iPad minis in our studies.  Through the use of our in-house “OwnCloud” system, students can save their work from any of our tech devices onto their own account.  This account can be accessed by the student, through password, from any room in the school and through the Internet to any computer at home.  The data is safely stored on a computer at school.

It is all very AMAZING!



Our iPad minis!

Bella Cam ResearchAva W Ian Research

We have been exploring the Book Creator app on our mini iPads.

If you have an iPad, I encourage you to purchase this app for your family.

 Our students are proficient in creating their own books complete with text, photos, video and sound files.

Imagine all that they can do from a silly little book with family and friends

to a wonderful interview with a Grandparent or each member of you family.


 from the Book Creator designer:

Book Creator is optimized to give the very best experience on an iPad or iPhone. Book Creator outputs books using the international ePub standard so you can open the files on other e-readers that support ePub, but they can’t guarantee that the reading experience will be comparable to the iPad.

On your PC, if you already have a program that opens books for your e-reader, you can use that.

Otherwise you can download Google Chrome and it’s Readium app…

Install Google Chrome

First you need to install Google Chrome on your PC or Mac –

2. Install the Readium app

Readium is an app for Google Chrome that can display ePub files including those made by Book Creator.

Open Google Chrome and visit the Google app store to install Readium.