We started this project on a beautiful, sunny day at the end of September…

We used torn brown paper bags, Styrofoam chicken trays and a mixture of white glue and water to papier mache the bases for our Wigwam projects. We sprinkled the finished base with bark mulch to give it more detail.

Next we used our own paper birch bark to make our wigwams.

When the shelters were built, we used plasticene to add people, animals and plants found in the Eastern Canadian forests.

Follow these pictures to our class’ Wigwam displays

1  papier mache 9a  papier mache 9 papier mache 7 papier mache 6 papier mache 4 papier mache 3 papier mache 2  papier mache


Adam Robyn Blake Alexander Breanne Blake Clarissa Maren Cydney Cyrus Cydney Leo Emily Carter James Kennedy Kennedy Alexander Leo Emily Lisa Jasper Madyson Ross Maren Adam Owen Robyn Owen Peyton Cyrus Ross BreanneSophia WalkerShamus Taylor



Ross and Maren brought showed us some real moccasins

from their families’ collections

Ross family moccasins


 Marens family moccasins

Here are the wonderful final projects!

Wigwam_Adam Wigwam_Alexander Wigwam_Blake Wigwam_Breanne Wigwam_Carter Wigwam_Clarissa Wigwam_Cydney Wigwam_Cyrus Wigwam_Emily Wigwam_James Wigwam_Jasper Wigwam_Kennedy Wigwam_Leo Wigwam_Lisa Wigwam_Maren Wigwam_Owen Wigwam_Peyton Wigwam_Robyn Wigwam_Ross Wigwam_Shamus Wigwam_Sophia Wigwam_Taylor Wigwam_Walker