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  1. Research Page First Peoples of Canada:

  2. North American History for kids:

  3. First Nations in each province:

  4. More Facts of North American First Nations for kids:

  5. Multicultural Canada (look at the index on the LEFT toolbar)

First Voices kids (try speaking different aboriginal languages):


Explore the First Peoples of Canada

Westcoast People

  1. **Northwestcoast
  2. Northwest Coast from the BC Archives:
  3. Kidzworld Northwest Coast:
  4. Northwest Coast from Mr. Donn’s wiki
  5. Salish people from a UVic website:
  6. Salish people from Canadian Encyclopedia:
  7. COWICHAN men spearfishing VIDEO:
  8. Haida
  9. Haida:
  10. Haida:
  11. Nisga’a
  12. BC Time Machine: First Nations of BC
  13. Totem Poles of BC:

  14. AMAZING interactive website from SFU A Journey into Time Immemorial

Plateau People


Metis People

  1. Awchimo (to tell stories)
  2. Saskatoon Public Schools library’s collection of Metis sites:
  3. TIMELINE of the Turtle Island people some of whom became the first METIS
  4. Visit FORT WILLIAM in Thunder Bay online This is the setting for The Red Sash book by Jean E. Pendziwol

Plains People

  1. Neat Plains page for children:
  2. Neat Plains 1930s page for children:
  3. **The Plains
  4. The Blackfoot:
  5. The Blackfoot:
  6. Blackfoot:
  7. Plains Cree
  8. Plains Cree
  9. Sioux or Dakota
  10. Sioux
  11. Assiniboine
  12. The Fur Trade and the Plains First Nations People:
  13. Snowshoes

Woodlands People

  1. **Eastern Woodlands
  2. WIGWAM info by school children:
  3. real WIGWAM directions
  4. Mi’kmaq:
  5. Mi’kmaq info sheet:
  6. Mikmaq poster (beautiful & includes language)
  7. Mikmaq story booklets
  8. Mikmaq historical photo collection:
  9. Huron:
  10. Huron-wyandot:
  11. Huron children:
  12. Chippewa and Ojibwa:
  13. Woodlands Cree
  14. Pioneer People and the First Nations of Upper Canada

Subarctic People

  1. **Subarctic
  2. People of the Boreal Forests (Dene)
  3. Beothuk

Arctic People

  1. The Arctic lots of neat facts:

  2. Facts about the Arctic for kids:
  3. Arctic
  4. The Inuit:
  5. Inuit VIDEOS:
  6. INUIT PE games:
  7. More INUIT games:
  8. VIDEO of the 2012 Iditarod DOG Sled RACE