On January 25, student teachers

from VIU

lead our children in some very engaging activities!

Geometry, shapes and some really neat bubbles!

IMG_4455 IMG_4440 IMG_4436

Making Chemical Mixtures

IMG_4454 IMG_4452 IMG_4448 IMG_4447 IMG_4437 IMG_4433


IMG_4445 IMG_4431

Seeds and Plants

IMG_4432 IMG_4436

Forces and Motion

IMG_4460 IMG_4428

The Brain and Vision

IMG_4444 IMG_4430

Sound Waves and Hearing

IMG_4457 IMG_4441 IMG_4435

The Digestive System

IMG_4427IMG_4453 IMG_4456

IMG_4451 IMG_4443

Physical Literacy

 IMG_4459 IMG_4458 IMG_4450 IMG_4449IMG_4439 IMG_4434