In 2013 the kids in our class were in Kindergarten.  Many of them had Mrs. Thomas for a teacher.  They also had a student teacher that year named Miss Christina Jeeves.

Now, Miss Jeeves is engaged to Mrs. Nowicki’s son, Steven Nowicki!

But in Kindergarten, she taught our kids all about

Butterflies and the Very Hungry Caterpillar…

2013 Christina's flowers-and butterflies Christina's sipping-nectar-walker-griffin Christina's sipping-nectar-emily Christina's butterflies Christina's veryhungrycaterpillar-book Christina's very-hungry-caterpillar-emily Christina's veryhungrycaterpillar-maren2 Christina's veryhungrycaterpillar-maren Christina's doctors-breanne Christina's doctors-group Christina's skip-a-thon