Scholastic’s Science “Study Jams”(animated Science videos about Plants, Animals, the Human Body, Rocks, Weather, the Solar System, Forces, Matter, Ecosystems, Light, Energy and Sound!)

 Another Grade 4 class’ Science links:

Science Experiments:

Sick Science! by Steve Spangler

Do a Youtube search for Steven Spangler’s very Sick Science experiments!!!!

Here’s an example video now…


Animal Facts

Lots of Canadian Animal fact pages

Silly Animal body parts on YOU website…


The Farm Growing Food


Food Chains and Webs

Photo source:

  1. Food Chain game:
  2. Build a Food web:
  3. Food Web Study Jam video and quiz:

Food Chain SIMULATION with foxes and rabbits


Planets and Stars


  1. NINE PLANETS website
  3. Kidszone Planets page
  4. COSMOS4Kids
  5. QUIZ
  6. 50 Planet websites
  7. Star maps on GOOGLE SKY
  8. Interactive STAR map Planisphere
  9. Hubble Telescopephotogallery
  10. Visit the International Space Station with astronaut Sunita Williams:



Click on the link to go to PHASES OF THE MOON 3D



Building Structures


  1. Here are some building EXPERIMENTS you can try at home:


1b) (go down to the STRUCTURES section)

  1. Building FORCES lab online
  2. Building LOADS lab online
  3. Building MATERIALS lab online
  4. Building SHAPES lab online


Learn how to build a paper boat.

Will it float?